The Grow Bar

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The Grow Bar was created to make growing simple. This all in one solution will take you from clone to harvest in a 3 month turn around time. If you are a personal user of Cannabis The Grow Bar is a must,  with a minimum yield of 100 grams of dried product per run. We want The Grow Bar to be your next home appliance, that not only looks good, it works.

Each unit comes with 4 20w vertical “sun like” 4000k, 3880 lumens (69 umols) horticultural LED Bars Powered by IndorSun. Due to the nature of the lighting design there is no part of the plant that doesn’t receive enough light. We use a 100mm RAM extraction fan in the top of the unit to pull any warm air out of the unit and maintain a good internal temperature. In the base of the unit is a DWC (deep water culture) hydroponic system, which houses the root system and nutrient solution.

We have optional extras that include

  • Privacy Glass
  • Smart sensors for Grow Bar Monitoring
  • Solid impact edging variations
  • Complete custom panel printing

Our lighting is IP 44 Standard with a 5 Year Warranty and uses Meanwell Drivers.


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